Social Responsibility Initiative


Dialogue in the Dark (DID) is a unique and innovative concept with social and learning oriented objectives. DID has presence across 110 cities and 30 countries.

Dialogue in the Dark (DID) aims at:

  • Empowering the visually impaired by creating meaningful employment opportunities for them.
  • Changing the sighted world’s perspective about the visually impaired by sensitizing them through a unique learning experience.
  • Engage sighted people to focus on their hidden potential, through games based learning tools and thereby help them sharpen & optimally use all their senses.

Our Approach

  • DID Workshops : Uniquely designed experience that awakens Leadership, Team Building and Communication Skill for sighted people. The program is facilitated by Visually Impaired facilitators in absolute darkness. This powerful and humbling program provides a platform of 100% Knowing Doing Being, encouraging participants to unleash their hidden potential.
  • DID Event : This is a 30-45 mins. journey in complete darkness, where one experiences real-time situations. The tour guides, who help the visitors navigate the way are visually impaired facilitator. This fun-based experiential awareness generation exercise helps create awareness about visually impaired individuals and situations they face in life.